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A year and a half later, and finally feeling the grief of my loss lifting, I painted my first ponder chair and felt inspired to do a series and would like to evolve this concept more deeply and see where it takes me. Maybe start a PONDER CHAIR movement to connect the outside world with the almost desolate life many of these once vital persons are experiencing. Maybe we all take a day to ponder and visit an elderly friend if just to share a smile and offer a good listening to. 


Inspired by a trip to the Tuscany region of Italy last year I instantly fell in love with the landscape and its 50 shades of green dotted by vineyards and hilltop villages. I plan to continue this series at an upcoming retreat.


As my parents migrated from their single family home to assisted living and eventual full-time care facility life was spent sitting in chairs. After my dad died the facility manager shared a story with me of how she had a few of the residents over to her home for a spaghetti dinner and how Dad wandered off into her living room. When she found him he was standing in front of her comfy chair and asked, "is this your ponder chair?" She was uncertain what he was asking so he went on, "you know, a place where you sit and ponder about your life. Everyone needs a ponder chair!" I left the facility for the last time and wondered who is this man?!? He never spoke to me about a ponder chair...



I've started on a series of large quarry paintings inspired by Vermont's largest granite quarry in Barre, VT. I spent time exploring the quarry and taking photographs in the winter of 2016 during my artist residency at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT.  I fell in love with the many shades and large blocks of greys, the natural designs created by the large man-made cut lines and how they act as a window into what is actually "beneath the surface." I plan to dig into this further and create a number of large-scale paintings 

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C O N T E M P O R A R Y   A B S T R A C T E D  L A N D S C A P E S  &  S E A S C A P E S