THIN AIR: Places, Postscripts & Notes
By Christine Sullivan

50 pages, published 10/9/2022

THIN AIR gathers fond memories of and reflections on joyful times I spent with my good friend, Lori McCall. The Postscripts that follow are recollections of incidents and details from some of the many places we journeyed to together to make plein-air paintings. Each Postscript concludes with Notes, which are lists of additional details that could unfold as so many more Postscripts. There are also quotes here and there from the verses of Mary Oliver, appearing as captions accompanying photos from our trips. A section of Endnotes gathers several additional items of note. My long friendship with Lori could unravel further through so many other stories. I hope you enjoy the ones I've chosen to tell here.


In Memory of Lori McCall 1957-2021

Cover Art by Lori McCall